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November 25 2014

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November 02 2014

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January 12 2014

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Lucas Cranach the Elder, St. George and the Dragon, c. 1507-10
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Fuck you, wisdom teeth.

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January 06 2014


Astronaut Chris Hadfield's Extraordinary Life in Space:

Vegetables come in dehydrated packs, and require rehydration from a special machine before eating

Wringing out a soaked cloth doesn't really do much

When making sandwiches, astronauts use tortillas instead of bread because tortillas don’t create crumbs

You have to be careful when you open a can of mixed nuts in space

There’s pretty much only one option for haircuts in space, and there’s a specially designed hair clipper on the ISS attached to a vacuum to keep hair from floating away

When you brush your teeth in space, the only way to get rid of the toothpaste when you’re finished is to swallow it

You shouldn't cry in space because your tears just hang out on your face

Sleeping in space requires special tethered sleeping bags in little sleeping compartments so you don’t float all over the place

[via twistedsifter.com]

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Wolverine vs T-rex by Andrew Hou

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